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The World's First Earn While You Learn Training Program Teaching Everything You Need To Know To Elevate your trading skills and profits to new heights!

Start Earning Income Now While You're Learning The Ins And Outs Of Trading

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Let's Face The Facts... In The Last Few Years The World Economy Has Changed

No One Can Predict What The Future Economy Holds In Store For Us - In Order To Establish Our Financial Future And Security We Must Take Action

Isn't It Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life And Your Future?

If you would have asked me few years ago to predict what would happen in the coming months, never in a million years would I have guessed it right. We as a world experienced a once in lifetime event. Not just on one front but on many.

Here's A Small List Of What We Faced...

A Worldwide Pandemic
Millons Of People Dying Due To COVID
Record High Gas Prices
The Complete Shutdown Of Tourism
Social Distancing On A Global Scale
Economic Upheaval At The Highest Level
Worldwide Supply Chain Disruption
Mass Layoffs
A Major World Power Going To War
The Looming Threat Of Recession

There Was Also A MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT In The Workplace

Millions Of People Realized The Key To Happiness And Fulfillment Is Working For Themselves

Record Numbers Of People Have Left High Paying Corporate Positions To Venture Out And Work For Themselves - The Great Resignation

I Applaud Every One Of These People Who Started Trading

Unfortunately... Most Traders Fail. You Need More Than Trading Education, You Need A System To Equal The Playing Field To Put The Odds In Your Favor

Every Successful Trader Has A System - Not A Just A Few, EVERY SUCCESSFUL TRADER!

Go ahead and name any successful trader. I'll bet you can't name one without a system behind them that accounts for their incredible success.

The one most traders think of is Richard J. Dennis. In the early 1970s, he borrowed $1,600 and reportedly made $350 million in about six years.

Dennis believed that successful trading could be taught. To settle a debate on that point with William Eckhardt, a friend and fellow trader, he recruited and trained a group of 21 men and two women that was called "Turtles" and he trained them for only two weeks about a simple trend-following system, trading a range of commodities, currencies, and bond markets.

In January 1984, Dennis concluded the two weeks training program for the Turtles by providing each of them with a trading account and instructing them to trade using the system they had learned. Over the course of one month, they were permitted to trade up to 12 contracts per market. Upon completion of the trial period, Dennis awarded accounts with varying sums, ranging from $250,000 to $2 million, to those who had demonstrated proficiency in trading with the system during the trial period.

Upon the conclusion of his five-year experiment, Dennis's Turtles were said to have generated an overall profit of $175 million.

Richard Dennis

You're Probably Wondering Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?

Allow Me To Introduce Myself... My Name Is Aldo Lagrutta And I've Spent The Last Few Years Creating A Program That's Specifically Designed To Help The Average Trader, Just Like You, To Create Extraordinary Success

Once You See The Program In Its Entirety, You'll Agree This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta

Awarded Certified Financial Technician

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta is an awarded Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts and holds several financial market designations, including the coveted Certified Elliott Wave Analyst.

He is also a member of the Society of Technical Analysis, holds the CFT’e, and is a recipient of the Bronwen Wood Prize bestowed by the Society of Technical Analysis in London.

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta grew up as a music child prodigy and became the youngest Professor to teach in several universities and conservatories around the world. He performed for 2 decades as a concert guitarist in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Today as a private investor, he devotes himself to trading and guiding investors and traders in successful trading careers, focusing on saving them years of unnecessary pain, frustration, and financial losses. In order to accomplish this mighty goal, he founded the Technical Analysis Institute: An association of people who share the same goal: To Create Life Abundance, Wealth and Freedom via the correct approach, study and Implementation of Technical Analysis.

Having been a success coach and concert artist, he has specialized knowledge and training in the field of performance psychology which he integrates into all his training programs.

Knowing What Has Happened And What Needs To Be Done I Created A Brand New Program

It Gives You The Training You Need And A Way To Create An Income Now Without Any Experience, Without Talking To Strangers AND WITHOUT SELLING... In Fact, I'm Asking You To Simply GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!

This Is A Total Game Changer And It’s The Complete Opposite Of What Most Programs Do

GOOD NEWS... You Can Get Started Today For FREE!

Introducing The Brand New...

Trade Online Profitably Challenge

Trade Online Profitably Challenge Is Created To Provide Two Specific Functions:

1. Provide World-Class Trading Education

Teach you exactly how to start trading successfully using proven technical analysis strategies that have been tested to get results.

As a branch of The Technical Analysis Institute, TOP is specifically designed for individuals with little to no prior knowledge of technical analysis or those just starting their trading journey. We are proud to announce the addition of the TOP level to our curriculum, offering comprehensive education to both aspiring traders and veteran professionals seeking to enhance their skills. Our steadfast commitment is to provide high-quality education to traders of all levels, empowering them to reach their full potential and succeed in their journey.

2. A System Allowing You To Earn While You Learn

Earn income while gaining the knowledge needed to fund your trading account and start your journey with confidence.

The Ultimate Educational platform to Master the most effective practices and techniques in the technical analysis space from certified, experienced and successful market technicians

Avoid the misinformation and the false promises given by people who have never traded a day in their life

The Technical Analysis Institute platform was created by Professor Aldo Lagrutta to offer comprehensive education to traders of all levels through its membership platform. Our goal is to empower traders by providing a range of programs, live events, and powerful tools. Trade Online Profitably is the second level in Technical Analysis Institute, and it's specifically designed for complete beginners or for those who have already started trading and are looking to achieve profitability.


World-Class Training for Beginners - Trading Made Easy

Trading Made Easy is the perfect starting point for novice traders

Trading Made Easy is a comprehensive course designed to provide a strong foundation in the basics of trading. The curriculum is structured in a way that makes it easy to understand, and upon completion, you will have the knowledge and skills required to begin your journey as a successful trader.

You Might Be Asking How Are We Going To Provide This World Class Training?

We will be utilizing the world's most comprehensive Technical Analysis Program - The Technical Analysis Institute. This program sets the standard for technical analysis education and is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide the most comprehensive trading education available.

Nothing Can Compare To The Training We Provide Inside Of Technical Analysis Institute

The vehicle I'll be using to train you is one of the programs we've developed over the years which happens to be the de facto standard when it comes to trading education. It's called Technical Analysis Institute. we use an educational approach and strategies with proven track record of success.

Technical Analysis Institute is a brand new trading education program, specifically designed to feel the needs of today's traders and investors. We use an educational approach and strategies with proven track record of success. Our training program has equipped individuals from various industries worldwide with the knowledge and skills to excel in trading and investing. We know what you need to know in order to succeed.

It's Good To Know You'll Be Trained By A Professional Educator And Analyst With Decades Of Experience and An Impacable Track Record.

Here's A Small Glimpse Of How Your Training Will Start:

Lesson 1: What is the Futures Market

Introduction to the futures market

Definition of the futures market: a market where buyers and sellers can trade contracts for the future delivery of a commodity or financial instrument.

History of the futures market: how it originated as a way for farmers to hedge against price fluctuations for their crops, and how it has evolved into a global market for a wide range of assets

Here’s Just A Few Of The Lessons Covered in Trading Made Easy

What is the Futures Market
What You Need to Start Trading
How to Set Up a Chart
What is a chart, exactly?
Long? Short? How to Place and Order?
How You Make Money in the Market
How to place a buy and sell order
Trend, Support and Resistance
The Psychology of Market Movement
Overbought & Oversold
A Second Way to Use Stochastic
Candle Patterns You Can Trade

Plus Much, Much More! We're currently adding more lessons!

Technical Analysis Institute Members' Area

This is where you'll access the courses and features

You'll gain access to the Technical Analysis Institute Members Area. This is where all of our training is stored and ready for you to access.

Whether it's accessing the hours upon hours of training we've done for the different levels of Technical Analysis Institute or accessing the software we provide our members, everything is contained within our members area.

Easily access our training, tools and support from one single place.


One Of The Most Powerful Trading Indicators In The World:

Combining the powers of 8 powerful indicators at once + A successful track record of over 10 years!

The TOP Indy is a proprietary indicator developed by Prof. Aldo Lagrutta - a certified market technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts - to trade ANY market and dramatically increase your trading results and profits…

…while giving you CONFIDENCE in the trade and making your trading decisions EASIER! This is all accomplished by reducing the number of variables you have to consider before taking a position. And most certainly WITHOUT feeling any stress or doubts.

In order to avoid the natural uncertainty of trading, TOP Indicator includes FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME a unique cluster of indicators that provides you with an exceptional combination of signals put together so you can trade any market with the certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a deployable and predictable strategy that generates consistent results for you.

This indicator will work for you even if you have been losing all your trades and use a very poor trading strategy.

Yes, you heard correctly! The TOP Indy used in conjunction with even poor trading strategies will cause that strategy to become more reliable.

The Trade Online Profitably Members Will Have

Free Access To Our LIVE Group Coaching

Get Monthly LIVE Group Coaching sessions

with Professor Aldo Lagrutta

As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly live, interactive session with Professor Aldo Lagrutta, a renowned technical analyst and market technician. He will provide expert guidance and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Additionally, as an experienced professor, Aldo is adept at simplifying complex concepts and structuring his program in a way that is easily comprehensible for all learners.

To Help Them Stay On-Track and Remain Motivated, Trade Online Profitably Members Will Also Receive

The Trade Online Profitably Monthly Workbook

Consolidate your knowledge and stay on track!

Every month TOP members will receive a comprehensive workbook that summarizes the key takeaways from each monthly group coaching session, as well as practical implementation strategies so that you apply what you've learned and use the TOP indicator in the most optimal way.

Our objective at TOP is to empower you to achieve mastery as a profitable trader through the utilization of various tools and resources, including the TOP indicator and training materials.

Become A Member Today And We'll Send You The Latest Official TOP T-Shirt

Make It Official With Our TOP T-Shirt

Be part of a large community who owns it

Welcome to the TOP community! As a premium member, you will receive a complimentary TOP t-shirt, symbolizing the start of our partnership. While it may seem like it's not a big deal, for us it represents our commitment to your long-term success as a trader.

We take your trading career seriously and view your participation in our program as a significant step towards achieving your goals.

So keep an eye out for your t-shirt in the mail and don't hesitate to share a picture with us to let us know you're part of the TOP community.

Let's Show Everyone You're Part Of The TOP Challenge Community!

It Gets Even Better... We Wanted To Make This Offer Even Better For You

When Join Us Today, You'll Receive Access To These Amazing Programs

TOP Trading Strategies - Learn exactly how to use the TOP indicator and take advantage of all its features.

How to Quickly and Effectively Identify the Trend.
The different Types of Indicators and Oscillators.
The Dual Frame TOP Strategy.
How to Properly Identify the Direction of Your Next Trade.
The 3 Elements of Successful Trading
And much more...

Trade Of The Week - Weekly lessons on how TOP Indicator can help you make better trading decisions

Weekly lessons with real-time examples.
How to set up the TOP Indicator properly.
How to interpret the TOP Indicator signals.
Use TOP indicator with other indicators and strategies.
How to apply what you've learned on TOP Trading Strategies.
Get your questions answered through video.

TradingView Master Class - Use the best trading platform like a PRO!

Classes for complete beginners on how to use TradingView.
Advanced tools and tips to simplify the usage of TradingView.
How to use the most effective shortcuts.
How to use all the indicators included in the platform.
New lessons added regurarily (Course In-progress).

TOP Community - Facebook Group

A community of traders with varying levels of experience and expertise.
Learn from more experienced traders through discussions.
Receive feedback and constructive criticism.
Live streams with the members of the community.
A sense of community and camaraderie among group members.
The ability to ask questions and get answers in real-time.


TOP Challenge: Earn While Your Learn

Learn how to trade successfully while earning money to finance your trading account

The TOP Challenge is our brand new earn while you learn system. It's the affiliate program for Technical Analysis Institute. This is a unique one of a kind approach we take to giving you an opportunity to create a monthly residual income even without receiving a single income from your trading.

This is unlike any other affiliate program out there. We literally reverse the way other programs work. Instead of asking you to sell something, all we simply ask you to give our product away. I'm not sure if we can make this any easier. Read on to get all the details.

Here's your challenge: Don't have money to trade? Fund your account by only referring enough people to learn how to trade with us.

Imagine This... How Easy Would It Be To Build A Business If You Didn't Have To Sell, But Instead Give Away Something For Free?

If No One Wants To Sell, Then Why Does Everyone Try To Get You To Do It?

We're Different... You Don't Have To Sell
You Simply Just Give It Away

Why try to make people do what they don't want to do? I'm referring to selling. When designing our program we took into consideration that not a lot of people want to sell, but yet they still have a desire to participate in an opportunity like this... so we changed the game with this new approach.

We created an entirely new model where no one sells at all. We simply give our programs away and let them speak for themselves. it doesn't get any easier than this. Give it way and you're done!

I Know What You're Thinking... What Will You Be Giving Away?

What will you be giving away? It's simple... TOP Level Memberships. The TOP Level Membership is our second entry level designed for traders who know how to trade but need further education and an indicator that help them with their timing, entries, stop placements and exits. You see the concept is simple. We believe in TOP, we're willing to take all the risk and allow you to simply give away 14 day free trial memberships.

We know after experiencing what we have inside of our program, people won't want to leave. They'll want to stay and continue to reap the benefits of our amazing programs.

How many people do you know who would be willing to simply give it a trial. No hard sell, no commitments, but simply get full access for 14 days and see how we can change their lives? It's the easiest program you've ever been a part of.

Get a glimpse of how

the TOP Indicator works:

We Wanted To Make It Easy For You To Create An Instant Stream Of Monthly Residual Income

Here's The Best Part... How You Get Paid For Giving Something Away For Free

Our Belief Is Simple... Our System Is The Best Trading Education You Can Get, We Simply Let People Try It

Earn up to $98 Monthly For Every Member Who Stays

How you get paid is very easy to understand. As we previously stated, while enjoying the benefits of being a member of Technical Analysis Institute you can simply giveaway free trials to Trade Online Profitably which gives the user 14 days to try the program and see if it's a good fit for them.

Some people will decide that it's just not a good fit and that's ok. Then there will be the people who see the value in what we have and decide to stay or even upgrade their memberships to TAG or TAG Plus. For every member you refer that decides to stay after the 14 day trial, you earn a  $23 monthly commission for the referral for as long as they are a member. And that's only on the first level! For people who sign up to TAG Plus, you will be earning $98 monthly commission.

You do the work once and get paid monthly. In fact, as you'll see in a moment, this $23 commission can even grow if that person decides to upgrade to our more advanced levels. It's that easy!

You're Probably Wondering How Could You Refer People Successfully With No Marketing Experience

The Great Part About Our Program Is That You Need Zero Experience To Get Started Because In Addition To Teaching You How To Trade Profitably, We'll Be Teaching And Training You On What To Do, How To Get Started, What Works And Best To Bring The Biggest Number Of Referrals

That's Why We Created A video program with quick & easy-to-follow instructions on how to do it right

"TOP Challenge Success Plan" is a video program that gets updated continuously to help YOU learn how to effectively promote The Technical Analysis Institute programs on social media for free. Each week, new instructional videos are released to guide you through the process of using social media and different methods to generate new sign ups in a very short amount of time.

In addition to the instructional videos, you will also have access to a library of images and videos that you can use freely to promote TOP.

If you follow our instructions and you use the tools that we offer you you will succeed. If you ever encounter difficulties our team will always be there to provide you with the help you need and to answer all your questions.

The Potential Of Our System Is Incredible... It's Just About Giving It Away, That's What's Different

Forget The Higher Levels For Now... Think Of What's Realistically Possible With This Amazing Program Simply Giving Away Free TOP Memberships

Memberships Given Away

Monthly Commission

Yearly Commission













Zero Cost To Get Started... Let Us Help You Succeed!

Does It Get Any Better? Yes, It Does Because Some People Will Want To Upgrade

When People Upgrade Their Technical Analysis Institute Membership You Can Earn Commissions Up To $5000.00 From One Single Referral!

What we've shown you so far is only the second level of Technical Analysis institute. There are actually 3 other levels of the program, each with their own unique access and benefits.

It's natural that as a trader grows, they'll need additional information and advanced training on a regular basis, but of course these higher levels have more costs associated with them.

When a person does upgrade, you get that higher commission as well, paid either monthly or yearly based upon the program they have upgraded to.

You're not doing any extra work. Our system handles it all for you. We use a natural progression and allow people to upgrade at their own pace, but you'll reap benefits at every stage.

 You Will Continuously Earn Commissions As Your Referred Members Are Tied To You

Below Is A Chart Of Technical Analysis Institute's Levels And The Commissions Associated With Each Level Of The Program

Level Name Trading Made Easy Trade Online Profitably Technical Analysis Guild Technical Analysis Guild Plus Mentoring
Monthly Price $19/Mo. $47/Mo. $97/Mo. $197/Mo. N/A
Annual Price $197 $497 $997 $1997 $10,000
Your Commissions N/A
One Time Payment

What You'll Receive On Each Level of Technical Analysis Institute

Trading Made Easy Program X X X X X
TradingView Master Class X X X X X
Earn While You Learn X X X X
TOP indicator X X X X
TOP Trading Strategies X X X X
Trade Of The Week X X X X
TOP Challenge Success Plan X X X X
Facebook Private Group X X X X
Monthly Workbook X X X X
Elliott Wave Made Easy Program X X X
Trading In The Cloud Program X X X
Trend Line Mastery Program X X X
30 Days To Become A Better Trader X X X
Moving Averages Mastery X X X
RSI Mastery X X X
MACD Mastery X X X
Live training Monday sessions X X X
Technical analysis weekly lessons X X X
Psychology weekly lessons X X X
Unlimited Email Consultations X X X
The daily forex forecast X X
Elliott Wave Mastery Intensive X X
Point & Figure Mastery Intensive X X
TOP Psychology Intensive X X
One-On-One Private Coaching X
WhatsApp Access To Prof. Aldo X

Transform Your Entire Life with This Revolutionary System

Become fully-ready to trade any market
A complete program that teaches you everything you'll need to become a profitable trader while you can easily earn money to fund your trading account.
Learn How To Become A TOP Trader
In our TOP Trading Strategies video program you will learn how to quickly and effectively identify the trend and multiple strategies to help you become a profitable trader.
"Trade Of The Week"
"Trade Of The Week" are weekly lessons with real-time examples that will show you how to master the TOP indicator and get your questions answered through video.
Monthly Live Coaching Session
Learn even more and get all your questions answered by Professor Aldo Lagrutta who's a certified and awarded market technician.
Training To Show You Exactly How To Get Referrals
There's not better way to help you than to simply show you what works and how to beat the challenge of funding your trading account by inviting your friends.
Ready Made Marketing Materials To Use
Effortlessly Boost Your Earnings with Our Pre-made Marketing Materials, Simply Copy and Paste. We always update our gallery of images, videos and content.

Here's The Bottom Line... If you want to become a well-established trader who has all the skills necessary to trade any market, and earn monthly residual income in the process

Then The Trade Online Profitably Challenge Is For You!

If You Want To Keep Buying Program After Program And Keep Getting The Same Dismal Results... We Can't Help You - Change Your Life Today And Join Us

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join Us Today:

1. Worldclass Trading Education

Learn the best techniques and strategies to become a profitable trader and get all the tools that you will need in the process.

Trading Made Easy Video Program
TOP Trading Strategies video program
TradingView Master Class video program
License to use TOP Indicator
Access to our TOP private Facebook group
"Trade Of The Week" Weekly Lessons
Monthly Coaching Sessions With Prof. Aldo Lagrutta

2. Earn While You Learn System

Our TOP Challenge is our new "Earn while your lean" program where you get to earn monthly residual income while you're benefiting from TOP.

TOP Challenge Success Plan video program
Regular training videos
Updated gallery of promotional images and videos
Pre-made posts for the major social media platforms
Earn Monthly Residual Income
Custom made promotional materials by request
Free life-time support

Join Today And Get Free And Full-Access To Trade Online Profitably



The cost to join us Today is $0.00!

Simply click the button below to get started with the Trade Online Profitably Challenge. You'll get instant access to all our great trainings and tools. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to share the program with others and earn monthly residual income by simply giving our membership away.

Nothing gets any easier than this.

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