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Now that you have absorbed all the cool training above, I’m sure you understand the Trading Success Equation and why traders lose.

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I Want To Give You A $250 Strategy Session
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YES, I want to give you my undivided attention so we can quickly determine if we can work together. Best case scenario, I’ll help you get to the root of the problem that may be holding back your trading and give you quick and easy solutions you can implement right away.

It’ll be a sort of the Mastermind that helps you spark the idea that can make this year your most profitable trading year yet.

This is NOT a sales call.

Just an honest conversation, where you and I can speak freely about anything you may want to know about your trading and how to adjust it to obtain top performance results.

Now you may be wondering…

Why Now? Why Am I Doing This?

As much as I enjoy my semi-retirement these days, nothing brings me more pleasure than working with my dream students to help them understand and forecast the markets like professional analysts do, so they can earn their living as traders.

And as I said, even if we don’t end up working together, it is really satisfying for me to know that in one conversation I’ll give you a breakthrough – based on my many years of experience – that may redefine your trading for years to come. And/or bring to light your personal limitations or the unnecessary steps your taking that may be blocking your success.

So this is my way of ensuring that I can speak to and benefit as many subscribers like you as possible, and give you the strategy session you need for your trading.

Just so you have a better idea of how powerful these Strategy Sessions can be, let me tell you about…

The $450.000 Dollar Strategy Session

Many years ago I was at a point in my trading where I wanted to make some changes. So I wanted the best in the industry to advise me.

Just one problem: At the time, his going rate was $10,000 for a four-hour consultation. I had never spent that much money on information in my entire life. I had had some serious losses and didn’t even have $10,000 to blow on any one thing.

So why did I decide to go through with it?

At the time, he was running a special promotion that offered an installment plan for consultations.

That meant that you could meet with him and start using (and profiting) from his advice… BEFORE you were expected to pay the rest of his fee.

That payment plan clinched it. Suddenly it was a no-brainer. I had to!

Once that decision was made, I met with him face-to-face and we spent our first session talking about my trading plan. I had several valid trade set ups that were extremely effective, but somehow, they were not working any longer and I couldn’t understand why.

His first advice was obvious to me today, but not while I was having troubles: I was to learn a proper way to forecast the market before I could apply any trade set up.


… I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did just that.

Over a few minutes of conversation my trading consultant gave me a HUGE breakthrough for my trading that was worth many times more than I eventually paid for that four-hour consultation.

In fact, I would conservatively estimate that I’ve made about $450,000 from just the insights he shared during the first 60-minutes of that meeting. And that goes without mentioning how much he saved me from losing.

That’s the power that one strategy session can have on your trading. And that’s exactly what I want to give you.

I’ll give you one extra pair of eyes to capture what is stopping you and what may be blocking your progress.

You’ll be able to mastermind with me about your trading goals, weaknesses, strengths and counter-strategies to resolve whatever thoughts or negative behaviors you go through when you take a trade.

And the best part is that this Strategy Session is completely FREE

What to Expect:
Before And During Our Strategy Session

I’ve designed the process to be as simple as possible. Here’s how it works… You have three steps to go through:

  1. Click the Apply Now To See If You Qualify button
  2. Fill up the questionnaire
  3. Schedule your FREE Strategy Session

Once you click on the Apply Now To See If You Qualify button, you’ll get to step 2 and see a quick set of questions to answer about your trading. (Don’t worry. They’re very easy questions.)

Please answer the questions as sincerely as you can (nobody is going to judge you). Then you’ll get to our calendar page, so you can schedule your Strategy Session at the most convenient time for you.

As soon as I receive your questionnaire and scheduled appointment, I will spend 10 to 15 minutes reviewing your answers. And if you qualify, I will send you a GotoMeeting link so we can meet at the time you scheduled in step 3.

We’ll spend a full hour together giving you the clarity you need to move forward in your trading, and if we work well together, I may extend you an invitation to work with me personally in one of our one-on-one coaching programs.

This is also your chance to receive my undivided attention and answer any questions you may have about your trading. For example…

  • What’s the absolute bare minimum you need to start trading FAST. In other words, if by now you don’t have a trading strategy, don’t worry! We’ll discuss your best path to get there.
  • How can you start investing so you can substitute your current income and retire soon.
  • How to leverage what you’re already doing so you can earn more profits with the lowest possible risk and be able to retire comfortably.
  • How to break through the obstacles or limitations standing on your way.
  • Fast ways to put a Trading Plan into action

I am absolutely sure you will be outrageously happy we met and discussed your future.

But please keep in mind…

I’m ONLY Going To Personally Work With 5 Serious Traders or Investors Who Are Looking To Understand And Forecast The Markets So They Can Earn Their Living As Traders

So if you believe that you can be one of my 5 Dream Students – regardless of where you currently are in your trading – I urge you to click the button below and arrange your Strategy Session TODAY!