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What is T.O.P

T.O.P is a privately owned Trading School based online that breaks trading down to basic building blocks and tells you how to assemble them for success.
As our name indicates, our purpose and focus is to: Trade Online Profitably! But NOT after years of suffering, frustration and losses, but from the very start of your learning process.
Whether you are a veteran trader with many years of market experience, or a novice trader who is just starting out, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you can benefit as a T.O.P member.

Trading Success Isn’t Magic Or Witch-craft, Nor Does It Come Down To Luck. It’s Cause And Effect; It’s Knowledge And Strategy

T.O.P gets traders laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. While we teach many trading strategies to our students, we only focus on those that help them save time and produce REAL results – FAST!

We Help Struggling Traders…

Struggling Traders fit the category of an  “opportunistic trader”, who is a trader that constantly loses because of being busy looking for opportunities everyday and taking action on everything that looks appealing. The opportunistic trader buys all kinds of courses and indicators that promise the world, yet deliver an atlas. This represents 99% of all Traders.

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Become Successful, Laser Focused T.O.P Traders!

A T.O.P Trader who consistently wins, knows his vision. He develops a toolbox of alternatives for its accomplishment and chooses ONLY trades with the highest probability of success. He plans his trades and trades his plan. These are rare individuals accounting for only 1% of all traders.


**Thereafter, subscription will continue with a monthly fee which can be canceled at any time

Here Is How It Works

T.O.P provides you with everything you need to be successful in trading – regardless your level of experience: From trading strategies that allow you to quickly scalp the markets with consistent profits, to the most detailed courses and instructions in advanced Technical Analysis, market updates and even trade recommendations.
But we don’t only teach market knowledge and trading, we help you gain laser-like focus – covering one of the most important and neglected aspects of the profession: Trading Psychology.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

In T.O.P we believe that when it comes to trading success there is only one bad thing: Lack of Preparation. And only one Good thing: A Solid Foundation in Technical Analysis.
Our educational program includes a full Technical Analysis course that covers all aspects of traditional technical analysis that certified analysts and successful traders need to know: The Elliott Wave Principle, Trend Lines, Candlestick analysis, Bar patterns, Point & Figure charting, etc…

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral Finance

T.O.P provides you with proven processes to train your brain for positive performance from the newest findings in Neuroscience.
As a member, you’ll have access to a vast number of exercises that are scientifically proven to enhance all areas of knowledge and intelligence…That includes pattern recognition, memory, perception and even how to work with your intuition and the parts of your unconscious that have been blocking your trading progress thus far.

Strategy Courses

Strategy Courses

In addition to all the body of knowledge in technical analysis, you’ll have complete access to detailed trading strategy courses that show you exactly how to enter a position, place protective and trailing stops, determine your targets and manage your trades in the most effective way.

Trade Suggestions

Trade Suggestions

As part of our educational program we give our students regular trade recommendations that we ourselves are taken, and show them how we manage those trades. You get to see break downs of trade ideas where we show you some of our own trades from before entries, trade management, adding positions, etc.. to the full completion and exit of the trades.

Market Updates

Market Updates

As a T.O.P member you receive regular Market Updates in your inbox and inside the members area. You learn the way a professional analyst looks for market clues and historical price behavior in order to forecast the direction of the market. We include Forex Currencies and some of the most popular Futures markets such as Crude, S&P Mini, Nasdaq, Euro, etc…

Indicator Licensing

Indicator Licensing

You receive a year license to use our proprietary T.O.P Indicators for Ninja Trader Platform and Multi-charts.

Expert Mentorship

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good and comprehensive the training is, you’ll always have questions. You get FULL and unlimited access to us via private email. You can ask questions, review trades, get assistance on any hurdle you may be facing, etc…

At T.O.P

we care about your success!

T.O.P insures

that you are highly prepared to trade the markets

T.O.P makes

sure you CAN compete!

What Makes T.O.P Different

In addition to the innumerable benefits you receive as a T.O.P student, the vast body of trading knowledge and the wonderful tools at your disposal to reprogram your mind, the amazing indicators that ease your decision process and the unbelievable expert mentorship that T.O.P offers you to secure your success as a trader, the ONE THING that truly differentiates T.O.P from any of the other trading programs available in the industry is that WE CARE!

YES! We may be the only school in the trading industry that truly cares for the success of it’s students and members and we do walk the extra mile to make sure YOU succeed and earn your living as a trader.

THE TRUTH IS: as a retail trader, you don’t have the massive amount of trade data and institutional feeds that provide an instant advantage over everyone else.

You don’t have a giant team of full time staff dedicated to analyzing that data. You don’t get to see how a single big trading desk can affect the market.

You don’t get to understand how the traders who run those desks or the money managers responsible for billions of dollars actually make their buy and sell decisions. You don’t see any of it!

Only highly professionalized institutions can successfully compete and drive the markets.
The retail trader is up against that concentrated power that raises the bar of what is needed to be highly prepared to trade the markets.

T.O.P fills this need by combining the knowledge of how to compete together with providing you with all the available tools of Professional Technical Analysis, the practical and proper use of technical indicators AND the right mind set to succeed.

With T.O.P, when you decide to become a trader facing armies of professionals with deep pockets, you will be able to compete. And you will see the results of your efforts from the start!

Learn Everything. Conquer Anything!

A building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in trading today, tomorrow, in the future, and against all market conditions.
While other reputable schools teach you very specific skills, in T.O.P, we teach you the full stack – The three major components of Trading Success: Methodology, Psychology and Money Management.

Money Management


Proven Scalping and Swing trading strategies that allow you to earn money consistently in a way that is fully reproducible, easy to learn, understand and apply.

A robust trading methodology, must have three key elements:

  1. A defined approach for entering trading positions
  2. A defined approach for exiting trading positions
  3. Trade Management: A disciplined way to manage open positions using trade targets and protective stops

By learning the professional way to manage your trades, you’ll be able to add to your positions to exploit the opportunities the market presents. So you earn more when you win and lose little when you lose.



Our Psychology courses are modeled on evidence based neuroscientific research covering: mindfulness, relaxation, stress reduction, intuitive decision making, and multiple proven systems
to overcome the unconscious blockers that stop you from having trading success.

Important topics rarely considered as key to trading success are thoroughly addressed in short practical exercises. You’ll find lessons on how to increase your confidence,  grow your self-esteem, transform trading obstacles, and even create your trading plan.

Our 30 Days To Become a Better Trader Program improves your mood, lowers your stress, reduces your anxiety, and increases your trading profitability in just 30 days


We believe Money Management is one of the most important aspects in any trading program. Our courses cover ample topics, ranging from the allocation of funds to the use of stops, from how much money to risk in any one market to what to do after periods of adversity, as well as, understanding and applying the concepts of diversification and Risk/Reward Ratios.

In T.O.P we teach you Money Management in terms of how to properly survive in the markets during periods of adversity and how to handle your money.

We find it imperative to deeply explore this important component of successful trading to help you manage your trades better with more sophistication and in doing so accelerate your path to success.


**Thereafter, subscription will continue with a monthly fee which can be canceled at any time


Who Is T.O.P Not For

T.O.P is a serious educational program for an elite group of people who aim at earning their living as traders. It is not for people:

  • who are looking to get rich quick
  • who are looking for signals to buy or sell that they can get on their phones
  • who are looking for the next green or blackbox that trades for them and gives them instant winners.
  • who are looking for the next indicator or shiny object that the industry so much likes to offer.
  • who are stuck in information gathering and are not prepared to take action and get results.
  • who are not serious about earning a living trading and just want to see how it is and how it feels to be a day trader.

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Who Is T.O.P For

As much as we would love to accept all applicants, T.O.P is an elite school. Our students and members must show great earnestness for learning to trade Forex and Futures markets and are willing to develop the necessary mental discipline to do so.

Students may not have a trading account while they devote time to learn and simulate trades, but they should have the means to open a trading account that does not jeopardize their savings, financial security or life style.

The majority of our members fall under one of these categories:

  1. Earning a living as a trader: First and foremost, T.O.P is for serious individuals looking to develop their understanding and expertise of the markets with the aim of trading Futures and Forex for a living.
  2. Looking For A Second Income: T.O.P helps people who are looking to earn a second income by learning how to trade Forex Currencies and Futures markets without having to invest their entire savings in the learning process.
  3. Struggling Traders: Traders who have been trading the markets for several years without consistent success. We show them how to earn money consistently with strategies that are easily reproducible, and we help them identify and overcome their unconscious negative habit patterns that have stopped them from achieving success.
  4. Frustrated Investors: Who are tired of seeing their capital being depleted year after year by their expert fund managers and who want to be in charge of their investments.
  5. Future Retirees: Who want to make sure they will still have a meaningful source of income after they retirement and want to prepare for it.
  6. “Tradingpreneurs”: People who are convinced that trading offers a great opportunity to earn money from home, they have tried it and know it has great potential, but have not found the right way to earn money consistently yet. T.O.P will help them save years of losses, pain and frustration.
  7. Caged Employees: Employees working 9 – 5 jobs who feel trapped, soulless and on a hamster wheel that keeps moving faster and faster. Learning at their leisure how to trade professionally may open the doors to a new profession and source of income.
  8. Aware Students: Who understand that the traditional path of college education and employment is no longer the right path for them and want to make trading and technical analysis their future career choice.

If you belong to any of the above group, click the button below and get started free.


**Thereafter, subscription will continue with a monthly fee which can be canceled at any time


Here Is A Summary Of Everything You Get As A T.O.P Student

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta’s T.O.P Trading School Is Not Your Typical “Course”. We Provide You With Everything You Need To Be A Successful Trader

  • Technical Analysis so you can easily identify the trends and forecast price moves in any market.

  • Behavioral Finance: To help you get clarity and laser focus to achieve your financial goals

  • Strategy Courses: That show you exactly how to enter a position, place protective and trailing stops, determine your targets and manage your trades in the most effective way, so you can earn money from the get go.

  • Trade Suggestions: That not only allow you to earn while you learn, but also show you how professionals pick their swing trades and manage them over the course of days or weeks.

  • Market Updates: So you can now exactly what to expect in some of the most traded Futures markets and Forex Currencies.

  • Indicator Licensing: Allows you to apply our proven winning strategies for day and swing trades.

  • Expert Mentorship: You get personalized mentorship from certified market technicians who can easily guide you and troubleshoot your problems.

TOP Trading School


**Thereafter, subscription will continue with a monthly fee which can be canceled at any time


Here Is What Our Students Are Saying

Our students aren’t just satisfied, they are consistently earning money.

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