What is TOP

As our name indicates, our purpose and focus is to: Trade Online Profitably!
TOP is an educational program that teaches traders of all levels how to trade profitably from the get go.
Whether you are a veteran trader with many years of market experience, or a novice trader who is just starting out,
you’ll be amazed by all the ways you will benefit as a TOP member.
Because TOP includes EVERYTHING a trader needs to succeed regardless his or her level of experience. In TOP you’ll receive:

Indicator Licensing

Trading Strategy Courses

Technical Analysis Training

Market Updates

Trade Suggestions


we care about your success!

TOP insures

that you are highly prepared to trade the markets

TOP makes

sure you CAN compete!



The ONE THING that differentiates TOP from any other trading programs available in the industry is that WE CARE!

YES! We may be the only company in the trading industry that truly cares for the success of its members, and we do walk the extra mile to make sure YOU succeed.
THE TRUTH IS: as a retail trader, you don’t have the massive amount of trade data and the institutional feeds that provide an instant advantage over everyone else.
You don’t have a giant team of full time staff dedicated to analyzing that data. You don’t get to see how a single big trading desk can affect the market.
You don’t get to understand how the traders who run those desks or the money managers responsible for billions of dollars actually make their buy and sell decisions. You don’t see any of it!
Only highly professionalized institutions can successfully compete and drive the markets. The retail trader is up against the concentrated power that raises the bar of what is needed to be a highly prepared to trade the markets.
TOP fills this need by combining the knowledge of how to compete together with providing you with all the available tools of Professional Technical Analysis and the practical and proper use of technical indicators.
With TOP, if you decide to become a trader facing armies of professionals with deep pockets, you will be able to compete. And you will see results
from the start!

TOP – Your last stop to become a profitable trader